Waiting ft. Big Huey (Prod. by SHE Spells Doom)

from by Jace Abstract

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HOOK - (Big Huey)
Tell them why you lie, why you telling bout my life
I'm waiting, i'm waiting (x4)

I keep bouncing off these people with their narcissism
who the hell are you? you fake with your 2 faced
bullshit, and its too late, i know your little scars are hidden
I'm here to tear them open with a calm precision
while you can’t stand what I’m telling ya,
cause I’m simply saying that you assholes are full of crap like an enema
pause the etcetera,
and i wonder how far in the future all that stupid hypocrite talking is getting ya

you remember cuz?
- theres no use in the boosting of your ego as the truth prevails
when I’m come close to having the sorta state of mind that happens to be gridlocked I fight tooth and nail
so I’m daring some of these sickened shallow souls to try and step in my adidas cause my shoes for sale
where the fuck the truth at, in world full of lies i gotta ask my conscious, like who’s to tell

i hate dealing with these idiots and jack offs
it makes feel depleted, bombed out like Iraq wars
You have no use for a soul, let me have yours
And Your thoughts are disabled from talks like a cracked jaw
all that small chat, back it off
beCause of late all the hate won't go away, so it remains Inside of my brain
it stays Catalogued
Looking down like What in the hell have these damn cats dragged aboard

Fuck em all, I drown em deep like a bap-a-tism
Here's where you have to listen,
drowning now in the crap been given
Straight To myself on this so called silver spoon,
and actual living
for me is a place where all of these weak facts are missing
don't listen to them anyways, just pay heed to the raps I'm spitting
While giving them all food for their thoughts,
cause their brains suffering Malnutrition

HOOK - (Big Huey)
Tell them why you lie, why you telling bout my life
I'm waiting, i'm waiting (x4)

You know I've been fucking lied to too many times, Can't sit and recline
I guess some idiots got issues that are bigger than mine
In their own heads,
on social media, living their life
They know the world is gullible so they can Trick em with lies
I'm a decide to pick up a mic and give a 9
Second chance to confess, That They all cut from the same cloth, the despicable kind
They look at peoples achievements And think I wish it were mine
What will it take to get em in line, sit and rewind, all past memories, listen and find
Every single cunt that dared to step in my life, and if you really must know I couldn't give a shit if you died
I wish I had some voodoo dolls to fill em with knives
for years I was calming my anger by sipping on pints
And bottles of the whiskey, I might've been missing the right
Moment, at last, an escape from this miserable mind
But it never came, so living this way, is the only main, road that I travel when I'm going home again
They keep thinking they're the same, person as I, but they not, feeling great when they giving up and go away
Bang, empty out the cartridge, in your own fucking head, telling me your honest
I'm a stay here till you've definitely departed, start telling them your heartless...

HOOK - (Big Huey)
Tell them why you lie, why you telling bout my life
I'm waiting, i'm waiting (x4)


from YOU CAN ALWAYS LIVE LATER, released January 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Jace Abstract Milton Keynes, UK

Artist/Beatmaker//Whatever. Born and lived in Geneva, Switzerland, for 25 years before moving to the UK.

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